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Searching music video

‘Searching’ is a sweet, laid-back tune written by Mel Brennan. I made the piano part and other arrangements. Now, ‘Searching’ is also a music video that I edited, in collaboration with Add2Bee Creative studio.

Early 2018 Mel and I already had a draft of the song. One day we thought of a story that could accompany the music, and came up with a rough screenplay. With that story in mind and a draft of the song, we started looking for collaborators to make a video.

Mid 2018 we contacted Katie Palmer and Add2Bee in Barcelona, and they liked the concept. Adrian Landeros, Mexican director, would be visiting Barcelona in the summer, so we organised the shooting for the days he would be around.

With a few different creative minds on board, the screenplay changed a little and we added some new elements to it. We organised a casting at Add2Bee studio and found the persons who would finally put a face to the characters in the screenplay. We filmed all the footage in one and a half days in sunny Barcelona.

As it usually happens, the story was reshaped again during the editing phase. In fact, over the span of several months, we came up with quite a few different drafts of the video. Now, after months of editing and colouring, the video is finally out!

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