When you think about the sheer number and severity of problems plaguing the world, you may be filled with a profound sense of helplessness. Indeed, many people get consumed by pessimism and assume they cannot change things. And on the other hand, many people also ignore these problems, or even deny that they are real. Both attitudes ultimately lead to the same result: Doing nothing.

It is true that, given the magnitude of these problems, our impact may seem small, like a drop of water in the ocean. But what matters is the size of that drop, not the size of the ocean.

Indeed, it is precisely because we have such limited resources, that it is so crucial to find the most effective solutions. And this is one of the fundamental ideas of effective altruism, a social and philosophical movement which aims to find and put into practice the most effective ways to help others, given our resources.

In this presentation, which I have given several times at different events in Barcelona, I talk about some of the biggest problems we face, including the suffering of humans, other animals, and future generations. And I also talk about how each of us, despite having a limited amount of resources, can alleviate that suffering significantly.

On each page of the presentation, I include links to the sources of the data I rely on. And I also include helpful resources to learn more, find career advice to maximize the impact of your career and donate to effective charities. With these resources, you will be able to discover how, with your money, career and time, you too can make the world a better place.