Last Saturday I gave a presentation called “How to choose our contribution to the world” at Nest City Lab in Barcelona. I spoke about the human and animal suffering happening on a global scale, both today and for future generations. I highlighted some serious problems that have been with us for centuries, but also the existential risks that are yet to come. Finally, I also presented effective solutions to these problems, from the perspective of effective altruism.

After the talk, we had a debate on some of the topics discussed, including the risks derived from artificial intelligence and the impact of different individual actions on reducing climate change.

The presentation was not filmed, unfortunately, but if you are interested in seeing the slides (in Spanish), you can do so via this link. In addition, I have created a document of all the sources cited in the presentation (largely from, as well as other relevant links.

Pablo Rosado gives a presentation to an audience

So if you were able to come to the talk and participate in the discussion, thank you very much (especially thanks to Mel and Sam, from the local group of Effective Altruism in Barcelona). And of course, if you have any criticisms or suggestions, please leave a comment (or write me a message directly). I hope this material is interesting to you, and that it can help you choose the most effective way to contribute to a better world.