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Half Lives

Half Lives is Mel Brennan’s first album, which I co-produced. It’s about the duality of professional vs. personal life & dreams vs. reality.

Oceans Rising

We could say Oceans Rising is a song about climate change, or about massive consumerism. But above all, it's a story about a personal transformation. It depicts the metamorphosis from a life of...

Homage to Debussy

An audiovisual homage to one of the best composers of all times, Claude Debussy, at one of the most wonderful places on Earth, the Alhambra, in Granada (Spain). I filmed the footage in Granada,...

The Hanging Tree

Upon reading 'Mockingjay' (the third book from the trilogy by Suzanne Collins) Melanie Brennan was struck by the lyrics of the folk song mentioned in the book. She decided to put the lyrics to ...