Pablo Rosado

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Existential risks

Imagine that an American bomber jet has an accident whilst flying over the coast of Andalusia. Imagine that the plane has thermonuclear bombs on board, each one with a destructive power 100 tim...

The end of the Universe

Everyone knows that the Universe began with the Big Bang. But what is seldom spoken about is the end of the Universe. In this episode, we’re going to answer one of the most profound questions w...

This is Altruphysics

A bit of astrophysics and a bit of altruism. Welcome to this space which I've called "Altruphysics". In this episode, I'll explain where the name comes from, and why I created this channel. ...

Half Lives

Half Lives is Mel Brennan’s first album, which I co-produced. It’s about the duality of professional vs. personal life & dreams vs. reality.

Oceans Rising

We could say Oceans Rising is a song about climate change, or about massive consumerism. But above all, it's a story about a personal transformation. It depicts the metamorphosis from a life of...

Real world problems

People say industry tackles “real world” problems. Does it? Let’s talk about what we should call “real world” problems, and what they actually are in industry.