Pablo Rosado

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Real world problems

People say industry tackles “real world” problems. Does it? Let’s talk about what we should call “real world” problems, and what they actually are in industry.

Pint in the Sky: Aliens

Join Alan Duffy and Katie Mack in a new episode of Pint in the Sky. This episode is about... Aliens! Well, actually, it's about the search for planets outside of our Galaxy, also called "exopl...

Homage to Debussy

An audiovisual homage to one of the best composers of all times, Claude Debussy, at one of the most wonderful places on Earth, the Alhambra, in Granada (Spain). I filmed the footage in Granada,...

Battling Bird Flu

The avian influenza virus is still a major global problem. However, the most common victims are actually birds, not humans. What do we know about bird flu, and how can we control it?

The FRB Enigma

In 2001, a radio telescope detected a very short and strange signal. It seems to come from a very distant galaxy. It was the first 'Fast Radio Burst' (FRB) observed, a mysterious signal that can te...

The Hanging Tree

Upon reading 'Mockingjay' (the third book from the trilogy by Suzanne Collins) Melanie Brennan was struck by the lyrics of the folk song mentioned in the book. She decided to put the lyrics to ...